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BNPP AM won ‘ESG Asset Manager of the Year’ at the Le Fonti Awards

BNP Paribas Asset Management

BNP Paribas Asset Management has received the 'ESG Asset Manager of the Year' award at the 2018 Le Fonti Awards ceremony in Italy.


The winners were selected by Le Fonti‘s scientific committee, made up of professors, trade association representatives and entrepreneurs.

The selection criteria take into account business results, leadership in the sector, strategic development, internationalisation, high quality services, sustainability, innovation and education.

BNP PARIBAS ASSET MANAGEMENT was awarded with the ‘ESG Asset Manager of the Year’ prize and the following statement was delivered during the ceremony:

“For having been able to focus on sustainability and social responsibility before they became an established trend of the asset management industry. For having pioneered a cultural change, confirming how the attention to natural resources and ethical choices is successful even for investments”

“Le Fonti” award is part of IAIR international awards. Each June, the financial sector award ceremony is held in Italy.

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